Taking Command with Uzi!


uzi logoIn keeping with the camping / survival theme from last week….aside from a good tent what is the other must have piece of kit for outdoor adventure?…ready?…a good fixed blade knife! The adventure market is saturated with knives…you’ve got your tactical knives…survival knives…fighting knives…Rambo knives…you name the application and there’s a knife made especially for it. So what are some things you should look for that would make for a sound, all around camp or survival knife?

For this article I’m going to focus on the survival side. There are few knives I would rather have strapped to my side in a SHTF situation than the Uzi Commander. It’s a large fixed blade knife with and exceptionally innovative sheath that is more than capable to do what you need it to do in a survival situation.

The Commander has an oversized blade that’s well balanced with the paracord wrappedIMAG0006 handle and is easy to control. Falling small trees to build a lean too is not out of the scope of this knife. The heft is there and the large blade surface makes quick work of saplings, rope and other various materials. Plus, in extreme situations you can unwrap the handle and using the recently liberated paracord, lash it to a stick for use as a spear for hunting or protection!

The full tang construction gives you the strength you would expect in a knife this size and the cord wrap on the handle is comfortable and increases the purchase of your grip. There are cutouts on the upper and lower portions of the knife where a hilt would be and these openings really go a long way to securing your grip and enhancing control.

Now, looking at the sheath as a separate entity….Wow! this thing will mount to anything! Belt, vest, pack….anything…and there are options for the way its secured as well. I like the twist snap the best and the accessory pouch is large enough for a survival kit. It would appear that a lot of time and effort went into the design of the sheath and knife and I would feel confident in a survival situation with one on my side.

To order yours or to see what else Uzi has to offer, click here!

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